About The Coaching Bible

This page is for seekers, written by a seeker. It is a place to ask questions, not to find answers.

I am not a theologian.  I am just a person seeking value in tradition to apply to the world in which I live and the people that I work hard to support.  I am a Life Coach and a leader.

Jesus was a massive changer of the world.  He had an impact on people for thousands of years after his life was brutally taken away.  Whether or not he is God, whether or not he rose again, and whether or not his way is the only way is not the subject of this blog.  He had an impact, he changed lives, and because he lived others experienced beautiful changes in their lives.

The work that I do as a coach in many ways seeks to have an impact like that of Christ.  I can only hope to learn from him and grow to support the people I coach, teach and lead in the way he did.  To this end, I am taking his words and looking for the gold, allowing him to be a life coach to me from the other side of thousands of years.

For the purists who read this page, this might not be what you are looking for.  I do not even claim to be a Christian.  This is no more and no less than a study for practical lessons for today’s world.  If you’re a seeker, looking for more questions to wonder in, welcome.  Sit a while and see what we find together.


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